This page includes information about tubing in Villarrica/Pucon

Lake Villarrica – A beautiful mountain lake accessible from Villarrica town or Pucon. Great for relaxing, swimming and floating. Best in December through February. There are various beaches accessible on the road from Villarrica to Pucon and are clearly labeled.


Rio Tolten This is the only river that drains out of Lake Villarrica. It is easily accessible and perfect for river tubing. It is best in December – February although it can be done year round with a wetsuit. 

     Launch: Under the bridge on  highway 199 heading from Villarrica to Temuco.

     Get Out: You can get out anywhere along the river as it parallels highway S-731 for the first 2-3 km.  After this it eventually meets up with Highway 199 again after about 12-15 km. It is not recommended to continue this far in less you have a lot of time.

     Duration: 30 minutes to 7 hours, depending on where you get out.

     Difficulty: 4-pack. There are some small rapids in the beginning and the river is very wide with a lot of water moving but otherwise a fairly easy float.

     Water Temp: Please contact if you know


Volcano Villarrica – Take Camino al Volcan off of Camino a Villarrica for about 15 km until you arrive at the base of the volcano. Here, at, you can snow tube on the volcano in the months of June through September. 


Rio Voipire

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