South Lake Tahoe

This page includes information about tubing in South Lake Tahoe

Upper Truckee River This river is in South Lake Tahoe and is a very mellow float with one rapid. By the end of the summer it is too low to tube and thus is best done from April until August. The river is broken up into two legs, the second of which ends in the lake.

Launch (Leg 1): Near the Tahoe Flea Market on Elks Club Rd. off of Hwy. 89 (Emerald Bay Rd.). There is parking  at the launch.

Get In/Out (Leg 2): Park at the end of South Ave. near the hospital. You have to walk about a half mile down the dirt road to the first bridge where you can drop in or get out.

Get Out: You can get out near the Tahoe Keys Marina when the river hits Venice Dr. E. At this point it gets very slow but if you prefer you can go the extra 30 minutes right into the lake.

Duration: 4 hours/4 hours

Difficulty: 6 Pack/5 Pack

Water Temp:

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