North Lake Tahoe and Truckee

This page includes information about tubing in North Lake Tahoe and Truckee

Truckee River – This is the only river draining out of Lake Tahoe and starts in Tahoe City. It continues all the way to Pyramid Lake winding through downtown Reno. It is  tubable for almost the whole river, however there is one river class 5 section that must be walked. It ranges from a mellow float to some tube tipping rapids. The top half, the California part, is best broken into 6 legs, any of which can be tubed in about 3-5 hours each. These 6 legs will take you to the class 5 section and beyond that please check the Reno, Nevada page.

     Launch (Leg 1): Fanny bridge, where Hwy 89/W. Lake Blvd. crosses over the Truckee River.

     Get In/Out (Leg 2):River Ranch on River Rd. just before Alpine Meadows Rd.

     Get In/Out (Leg 3): On Hwy 89 at Bridge 1 or Bridge 2 before and after Squaw Valley Rd.

     Get In/Out (Leg 4): W. River St. right off Hwy 89 where the river begins to enter downtown Truckee.

     Get In/Out (Leg 5): Glenshire Dr. where the Hwy crosses over the river. Best to get in/out of the river before it crosses under the bridge as there is parking.

     Get In/Out (Leg 6):

     Duration: 3 hours/4 hours/3 hours/5 hours/4 hours

     Difficulty: 5 Pack/3 Pack/3 Pack/ 3 Pack/ 4 Pack

     Water Temp:

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