River Tubing

River Tubing consists of any sort of tubing on a river, creek, or stream. For this site, the following template is used:

    Launch: Directions for where to start tubing on the river.

     Get out: Directions for where to get off the river.

     Duration:  How long the tubing takes

* indicates that it could be much longer if you so choose by going further.

     Difficulty: On a 1 to 6 pack scale for how difficult the river is (i.e. rapids, obstacles, etc.). A 1 is a very difficult river, lots of rapids and little to no time to drink. A 6 pack is a very mellow float in which it is easy to drink a 6 pack while on the river.  A 0 could not be tubed.

     Water Temp: The temperature of the water.

     Videos: Links to videos of tubing on this particular river.

     Pictures: Links to pictures of tubing on this particular river.

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