Mission: Toobin 5050 is to promote environmental education through recreation, in particular, through toobing.


River Tubing         Ocean Tubing       Snow Tubing         Lake Tubing           Other Tubing

Goals: To celebrate and appreciate 50 in 50. Fifty rivers in fifty days, Fifty states in fifty weeks, fifty countries in fifty years. Simply do fifty in 50. The mains goasl are:

                      1. Have fun, recreate!!

                      2. Help to make and maintain all forms of water CLEAN!

What: Tubing, aka toobin’ or tubin’  involves an inflatable floaty of some type in the shape of a circle or doughnut. It has  primarily been done on rivers, lakes, streams, pools, the ocean or on other water as a summer recreation. But it continues to grow to be done year round on all forms of H20. It is now done on snow, ice, waves, or even over waterfalls. Hopefully, soon to be done on wave pools like flowrider. Remember toobin’ can be done Anytime!! Anywhere!!

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For information or questions contact us by email: info@toobin5050.com

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